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                The latest trends in epidemic prevention, and new technologies for epidemic prevention
                News > Face mask > High-tech "cold-sensitive mask"
                High-tech "cold-sensitive mask"
                2021-06-25 05:03:15

                As we get closer to the height of summer, it becomes common to see the Central Weather Station map markers almost always in red. This is a reminder that the days are heating up fast.

                Especially after the summer solstice, the temperature is high and the humidity is heavy. Summer heat is definitely the first choice in daily life.

                Traditional face masks can cause sweltering heat, humidity and allergies when worn in hot weather or for long periods of time.With the increasing global warming causing the ambient temperature to rise, especially in the summer when the heat is unbearable, people are as keen on "cool feeling" masks as they are on a long drought.

                What is the "cool feeling"?

                The so-called cool sensation is accurately called the cool sensation at the moment of contact. To use an analogy, like holding a glass of ice water in your hand. the moment you hold it, you will definitely have a cold feeling. Apply this "high-tech" in today's masks, put on the mask is like a cool water on the face, the instant of contact will have a cool feeling, thus solving our summer daily wear masks generated by the hot feeling.

                Such a treasure cool and breathable mask has been born!

                This mask not only has a cool and beautiful appearance, the most surprising thing is its cool design, the more you wear it, the cooler it is. Especially in the confined space of summer buses, subways, high speed trains, etc., wear the cool-sensitive mask as if "a small air" conditioner on the face ~

                When the skin on the face touches the mask heat is immediately transferred from the skin to the fabric fabric, and the smoother the fabric the more heat is transferred and the cooler it feels.So that the ordinary mask is not breathable, stuffy problem is very well solved. In the case of summer heat that can make people choke and sweat in minutes, such a cold feeling mask will be lighter and more breathable than ordinary masks.

                In addition, many people's sweating and makeup removal problems caused by the mask will also be solved.  No longer afraid of sweat to go out and wet the mask, the internal smooth fabric friction is almost 0.

                There is a special surprise advantage for cool sensitive masks: its smooth internal fabric to solve the non-woven friction face will produce stimulation of the face of the small hair flocculation,  sensitive skin people no longer afraid of summer masks will tie the face allergy!

                The principle and method of testing coolness

                The principle is mainly the fabric is placed on the instrument cold plate (Japan KES-F7 precision instantaneous thermal property tester), when the fabric temperature and cold plate the same, and then the hot plate quickly placed on the specimen, the heat of the hot plate will be transmitted through the fabric to the cold plate, in contact with the instant that can measure the fabric heat loss, this value is the Qmax value, the unit to the fabric instantaneous cool feeling heat flow (W/cm2) to express.

                At present, China's evaluation of contact cool feeling fabric, GB/T 35263-2017 "textile instant contact cool feeling performance detection and evaluation", the test principle is: under the specified test environment conditions, the temperature is higher than the specimen of the heat detection plate and the specimen contact, determine the change in temperature of the heat detection plate with time, and calculate the contact cool feeling coefficient (qmax), which can characterize the contact of the specimen The larger the value of qmax, the stronger the skin feels the coolness, and the smaller the value, the weaker the skin feels the coolness.

                Therefore, the production and process of the mask are very safe and effective.You can use it with confidence.